(A Mathematics Competition for Undergraduate Students)





(A Mathematics Competition for Undergraduate Students)
The competition is named after Madhava, who introduced in the fourteenth century, profound mathematical ideas that are now part of Calculus. His most famous achivements include the Madhava - Leibnitz series for π, the Madhava - Newton power series for sine and Cosine functions and a numerical value of π that is accurate to eleven decimal places. The “Madhava School”, consisting of a long chain of teachers-students continuity, flourished for well over two centuries, making significant contributions to mathematics and astronomy.


The competition is basically meant for the S. Y. B. Sc. / S. Y. B. Sc. (Computer Science) students with Mathematics as one of the subjects and thus the question paper will be set with the background of these students in mind. However, interested students of F. Y. B. Sc. and T. Y. B. Sc. (Mathematics) may also appear. The merit list of T. Y. B. Sc. students will be made separately.

A Mathematics Competition for S.Y.B.Sc. Students
Interested students of F.Y.B.Sc. and T.Y.B.Sc. are also eligible.


Calculus of one variable (sequences, series, continuity, differentiation etc.), elementary algebra (polynomials, complex numbers and integers), elementary combinatorics, general puzzle type/ mixed type problems.


After the analysis of the results, first few students above a certain cut-off, with a reasonable gap after that will get cash prizes. Some more students will get the consolation prizes. All the students appearing for the competition will receive a participation certificate.

A registration fee of Rs. 100/- will be charged to the students for ensuring his/her seriousness in the enrollment and assurance of participation. The colleges will send a list of candidates from their college in the prescribed format along with the registration fees to the center coordinator. A receipt in the name of Principal of that college will be given.

The last date for the registration is Thursday, November 30, 2023.
There will be no provision for revaluation of the answer sheets.
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